Has social networking gone too far?

We live up on a mountain. Where it took 4 months to get TV, internet and phone. And also no one delivers. And for whatever reason the power goes out at least once a week.

Last week the power went out and did not come back on like it usually does. The gracious and helpful power company said they would have it back on by Monday. It went out Wednesday. So we have been at the Hilton ever since. But I’m not complaining.

The Hilton delivers you the days USA Today every morning. And the headline on Friday’s paper made me immediately think “Blog topic” and “Are you FUCKING kidding me?!”

Question: Has Social Networking Gone too Far?

By now we all have heard the sad, sad story of Tyler Clementi the 18-year-old Rutger student who took his own life after his roommate & a friend posted a video online of him having sex with another male.

Seriously tragic story and I can’t imagine what those parents must be feeling. And no matter what you believe (and boy am I being challenged with that everyday) you have to know that this hatred of gays really has to stop.

But now there’s all this buzz about social media as if Youtube or Twitter is the problem. It’s not. You are the problem. A lack of good parenting is the problem. A lack of compassion for human beings is the problem. A lack of self-control.

Blaming social media for deaths that occur because of online bullying comes from the same stupid sect of people who think its ok to sue McDonalds because they got fat.

Where is personally responsibility at?

I asked the same question that USA Today asked on my twitter and got this response from @mommythisnthat

The internets (and yes that is plural for a reason) is not dangerous. People are dangerous.  In the wrong hands ANYTHING can be dangerous. Anything can go to far. I I once saw a movie (or maybe it was Lockup Raw) where the inmate killed someone using a  spoon. Do we now hide spoons?

Clearly there is an issue of people using the internets and not being responsible. But that is on the people. The teens, the children, the MOTHERS.

Again I am so sorry to Tyler’s family for their loss but why the hell is Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook to blame for this?

They don’t lure people in by saying “A great place to network and humiliate each other”

You’re going to use social media you need to be socially responsible. And when you fuck up. YOU fucked up. No one made you do it.

Parents when you are teaching internet safety don’t just talk about the dangerous of meeting some creepy toothless man who lives in a cabin somewhere in West Virginia. Talk about how to be responsible & kind to people on the internet. That’s our job. Not Facebook’s.

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  1. A Daddy Blog
    Twitter: aDaddyBlog

    Interesting blog. Well written and it made me think. I agree at least in part. Parents MUST educate their kids on the various and evolving dangers of the Internets [sic]. I don’t totally agree that the ubiquitous presence of said Internets (social media) isn’t in part to blame however. I don’t mean that in the sense we should get mad at Facebook or Twitter. But saying they don’t bear some of the blame is rather like giving EVERY kid in America a gun and saying the resulting dramatic rise in gun deaths is because of bad parenting. And no, I’m not saying Twitter is a dangerous as a loaded gun. LOL. My point is it’s both the placing of those guns (or the Internets) in everyone’s hands AND parenting… and the rapidly declining state of interpersonal civility and accountability… that are to blame. We’re not going to remove social media, nor do I advocate that, but it actually is at least partly to blame.
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  2. Jen
    Twitter: http://www.classic-play.com

    “Par­ents when you are teach­ing inter­net safety don’t just talk about the dan­ger­ous of meet­ing some creepy tooth­less man who lives in a cabin some­where in West Vir­ginia. Talk about how to be respon­si­ble & kind to peo­ple on the inter­net. That’s our job. Not Facebook’s.”


    Too many parents think of protecting their kids from strangers when we need to be realistic about what our children will most often be victims of cyber bullying by peers or, unfortunately, they may end up bullying someone else.

    Kids aren’t perfect and they’ll make mistakes. But if we keep an open dialogue about civility and teach our kids it’s good to be empathetic, hopefully we’ll be able to guide our children towards using social media for good instead of destruction.


  3. Tis true. People need to take responsibility for what they post…and when U screw up you screw up. That was sad, I read about that.
    I like this post! Thanks for this!
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  4. Christine says:

    I agree that people need to take responsibility for their own actions, but unfortunately the anonymity of the internet is such that it is easy not to do so. But I do hope that when people learn good values in real life they are able to transfer it to the internet as well!

    Your link to the mom causing a kid to commit suicide was made into a Law and Order SVU episode. It’s really scary and sad when things from that show are actually based on real life situations.

    Stopping in from SITS.
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  5. Has social networking gone too far? http://beforethebabywakes.com/2010/10/so


    mommythisnthat Reply:

    RT @alexcampbell11: Has social networking gone too far? http://beforethebabywakes.com/2010/10/so


  6. Melisa
    Twitter: mommythisnthat

    I agree 100%. People are always looking to blame something or someone else. The responsibility lies within each of us and as parents, we must teach this to our kids.
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  7. mommythisnthat says:

    RT @alexcampbell11: Has social networking gone too far? http://beforethebabywakes.com/2010/10/so


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