It’s not your vagina


It’s that time again folks. Time for me to dust off the old ivory soap box & make my loud opinion known amongst the land. Michelle Duggar & her uterus are gearing up for another production.

If you’ve lost count that’s 20 kids & she delivered every one of them.

I’ll admit that my inititally reaction was “Holy medical scare Batman! Not again!” 

So then there’s a Duggar marathon on & in between scrubbing the floors & making my own laundry detergent {I kid. I kid} I caught up on what life would be like if I had my own grocery store in my garage & fountain soda machine in my kitchen. It’d be sweet, that’s what it’d be.

And than TV watching gives way to tweet reading which parlays into blog reading which double parlays into more comments than I ever leave on one blog at a time & more comments & more annoyance at the fact that someone elses vagina, falobian tubes & uterus are being so hotly debated.

I take great offense to the debate of large families because if you don’t know {now you know, uh} I come from a large family so when I hear things about kids in big families not getting love or quality time I want to call up all those brothers & have & get a beat down going.

You need to define what your definition of quality time is. If your definition of quality time with your children is sitting down & having a one-on-one conversation with that child every day, well than over half the kids in America need to be removed from their homes because they aren’t getting it. Quality time in a family, a marriage, a friendship what have you is just being with that person. Whether it’s running with them to the grocery store & sharing a laugh at the man walking down the street in a top hat with  a gaggle of squirrels {call me if that ever happens}. Quality time is learning a new recipe with your Mom as you make dinner. Quality time is giving a bath. Quality time is just sitting quietly together reading a book even if its different books. That’s quality time dammit. And seeing as they don’t have TV, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or pre-marital sex I think they have a lot of quality time {Did you not see them camping on their front lawn?}

Not one time have you heard of a Duggar going buck wild, posing for Playboy, marrying for 72 days, or knocking someone up. There have been no financial scandals, no deaths, no inbreeding {that’s important down in Arkansa}, & no dancing {“We try not to move any of our body parts”} these people are fucking better than the damn pope.

Moreover-that word probably doesn’t fit but I like saying it, moreover, do anyone of you need a refresher on what it means to parent or raise a child? Because apparently the world is under the impression that the Duggar teens raise these other kids. They give baths, read books & make lunches. If that’s parenting I better get my sons Pre-School teacher a card for Mothers Day. It’s called F.A.M.I.Y. & C.O.M.M.U.N.I.T.Y

And moreover a second time. Gucci Mama said it perefectly when she said what she said towards the end of her blog-I won’t C&P it because blog equtitquet confuses me. But that the people who are crying out for Michelle’s vagina on a platter are the same people who want rights for the gays & the transexuals. The same people who want the freedom to abort babies when necessary.

You know what I think? I think that when religion {speficially Chrisitianity & forms thereof} seem to be a driving force of someones family structure those people have a vicerol reaction to it. Don’t believe me? Look at the “worlds” opinion of the Sister Wives. You people are not open-minded, not unless it aligns with your agenda, your thought process or how you feel society should be run. 

And here’s my last point. Why are we continuing to judge this families choices? I see it EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s the same attitude I laid out in my push present post. It’s ok not to judge the Mom’s who suffered PPD, it’s ok not to judge bottle feeding Mom’s or daycare Mom’s but by all means let’s sit & judge this woman and her vag. Come one. Give me a break self righteous persons. If you are going to fight for Mom Equality let’s fight for it across the board!

It’s not your vagina.

All together now.

It’s not my vagina. Good. Now go forth & Duggar. 

UPDATED: Other post titles considered:

When it’s not your vagina.

Please get your opinions out of her vagina.

When saying the word vagina once is not enough.

How deep & how wide.

Because Birth Control directions are in Mandarin.



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8 Responses to “It’s not your vagina”

  1. […] How many times have I, how many times have you read a post or a FB stream or Tweet from a blogger who’s going on & on about a stupid decision from a celebrity or a parent in the news? Those post & streams garner all kinds of trolling. The Duggars break records whenever they announce a pregnancy & bloggers never, ever, ever shy away from publicly trolling them. […]

  2. Alexis of NorthOnHarper
    Twitter: NorthOnHarper

    Scoot, over. I am jumping on this soap box with you. I couldn’t agree more. There is a double standard on this issue— and it is ridiculous. This family is raising contributing members of society, not having kids in the toilet then going back to selling crack on the corner.


  3. […] Note: There is a new comment system installed called Livefyre. I used it the other day on one of the Duggar bashin’ blogs & really like it. It has the ability to tag like Twitter & FB & emails you instantly […]

  4. Bibi says:

    Way to go, Alex……great post. I am tired of people judging others from sidelines…..I just hope Michelle and the baby will get through it without difficulties.

    Both of my kids are results and miracles of fertility treatments so big family never was in my cards and I don’t think I could handle it personally, but…..they seem to know what they are doing and they are doing it with love and strong values so I say….All power to you, Duggars!


  5. Candi
    Twitter: candilandco

    I say as long as were not supporting them financially, they can do what they want.


  6. Shell says:

    Your alternate titles are awesome.

    I do think it’s their right to do what they wish. They are taking care of their family, no scandals, no debt… not my place to say anything.


  7. Modern Gypsy
    Twitter: Modern_Gypsy

    Great post! As long as she can look after her children and they are all one big happy family, it’s great! It’s when the freedom is taken away from women that it’s not cool (and that’s what I wrote about today on my blog!)


  8. Debra says:

    What an AWESOME post!!!!! I had never heard of ‘them’ before and now I have. If they can afford to be fed, clothed and don’t rely on the system, I say go forth and multiply…. why not – they seem to be healthy, happy, educated and besides as you say, who are we to judge – let her be after all, ‘it is HER vagina’!


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