its a bird! its a plane! its mommy hero!

Mommy please get my toy from my dog.

If I just don’t move maybe he’ll forget what he wanted.

Mommy please take the toy!

Shit. I think I blinked. Stay still Alex!

Mommy! Please take that toy from him! Please Mommy, you’re my hero!

And Mommy now gets up.


Uh Mommy Hero can you please let me watch TV?

Uh Mommy Hero the dog is chewing my flag.

Uh Mommy Hero can I please have popcorn?

Uh Mommy hero can you please get me a bottle of Jack Daniels & some Maryjane.


What? If he called you Mommy Hero you’d say the same thing.



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5 Responses to “its a bird! its a plane! its mommy hero!”

  1. Alexis of NorthOnHarper
    Twitter: NorthOnHarper

    I’ve said it before: Phoenix has you worked!


    Alexandria Campbell
    Twitter: alexcampbell11

    @Alexis of NorthOnHarper,
    I know right!?


  2. Trianna
    Twitter: thatstoocute

    You are the wind beneath my wings! Hahaha! They sure do know how to sucker us!


  3. Debra says:

    I loved being my sons’ hero!


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