the tale of 3 cars

Christmas of 2000 my parents bought us a Dreamcast with Ready 2 Rumble boxing, a Sonic Hedgehog game, & my favorite of all time Crazy Taxi. For those of you not still playing video games in the early 2000’s Crazy Taxi was a video game that sent you around the city picking up different passengers. But obviously as the name suggested you drove supah-crazy.

But for me, during that pinnacle teenage years I never liked to drive crazy. I would run the clock down to drive the car as legit as I could. I was still 4 years away from driving, Crazy Taxi was my time to just jam out to the music {when my parents weren’t look because it was “secular”} & be a free spirited 16 year old taxi driver.

Flash-forward to 2003 & after failing my first driving test I am officially certified & ready to start stalking car dealers for the perfect car. I didn’t have to go far, because that ended up being my grandparents house. My first car was a 1992 Honda Civic that was in amazing condition. I loved, loved that car. I think the reason I loved it was because I had so many memories of riding in it with my siblings to Chuck E Cheese anytime we would be in town to see my grandparents. That car was my baby until one ex-fiance who did not have a drivers license talked me into letting him drive it on the back roads of North Carolina & landed us in a ditch. After that, that poor baby never drove straight.

A year or so after that incident I talked my Dad into buying me a used Mercury Mountaineer. That car was bought out of necessity because I had an hour plus commute to work & when I had my Honda my Dad would never let me go to work in the snow, plus after its unfortunate ditch incident it just started falling apart. With this I felt like a big bad trucker bitch. Plus I had heated seats. Holla.

After driving that car for a year I started getting the itch to have something brand new. One Friday afternoon I started searching the web for new car deals. I felt like I made enough money to handle a car payment & really wanted to buy my first bad ass I’m single & sexy car. And I did.

I walked into the Toyota dealership & 4 hours later I drove off the lot with my brand spanking new ScionTC. It was the proudest moment of my young adult life. I loved that two door sporty car….until 4 years later I found myself with a newborn, stroller, & diaper bag. Oy Vey!

Do you remember your first car{s}? What were they?

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