And that baby will be…

So there you have it folks. A woman girl {2 kids & husband & I still consider myself a girl} who doesn’t wear tennis shoes, doesn’t like to sweat, can’t change a tire, check oil & refuses to take out the trash is now going to be a mother to TWO boys. Oy vey!

When the ultrasound tech started & I saw Baby Boy Blue stretched out I saw immeditaly that there was certainly a penis & not a vagina. But we had Phoenix with us & he was really hoping for a girl so I kept my mouth shut. Still Shawn & I both were pretty surprised to hear her confirm that it was indeed a boy. 

With Phoenix I knew almost from the day of conception that I was breeding a boy, but this time I felt pretty confident it was a girl. We have even been settled on a name for some weeks & have lovingly cooed the name to my belly. The girl name when said just felt right, it felt like it just was

I wasn’t & am not disappointed that the baby is a boy I was just really, really surprised. I am a girly-girl so having a girl to be all girl with would be great. BUT I never was all “I waaaaant a girl” It was more that I looooooved this name. Phoenix was actually pretty upset & started crying in the room but we talked out all the fun things he could do with his little brother like eat bugs & play trains & after a promised trip to McDonalds he seemed just fine.

But liked I explained to Phoenix, Baby Girl ABC is still in heaven & Jesus sent down Baby Boy Blue because he was ready to go first. 

Ahh! Two boys. Is it a pretty fair guess now to say that since I don’t clean my house will always smell like pee?

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  2. Alexis Grace
    Twitter: NorthOnHarper

    Ohy my gosh– evenI thought you were having a girl (based soley on the fact that I trusted your gut instinct!). But it will be fun- Phoenix will have someone to roll around with. As for the pee smell… I have no idea, but the idea frightens me!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Chanel’s “The Little Black Jacket”


  3. Candi
    Twitter: candilandco

    I am so happy for you. Little boys are cute. Watch out as they grow older. lol
    Candi recently posted..Palm Desert Food and Wine Festival


  4. Roses says:

    Congrats on the boy! Loved the photo :)


  5. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    You did seem pretty confident about having a girl =)

    But two boys, yay =) Phoenix will have a playmate! Of course he would have had a playmate either way.
    Jamie recently posted..Great ANDROID Cell Phone Apps.


  6. Minky
    Twitter: Minkymoo

    Oh I HEAR YA! Exactly this. All I can say is that surrounded by boys, we will always be the princess!!!
    Minky recently posted..This place is a zoo.


  7. Desiree says:

    Such a blessing. When we were going to find out i wasnt like “i want a girl or a boy” i loved my girl name also. But was super excited to find out we were having a boy because I did want Daveigh to be the only princess, and i dont think i could handle another one of her :/.


  8. DebbieLB says:

    I totally understand your “feeling” of knowing your baby and their gender before they are born. I had that too…and loved it!

    Also, I grew up with only a sister so these male creatures are very foreign to me but I’ve come to love my boys. They are 17,16, and 16 now. They are smelly, rough and alien creatures who can eat $200 worth of groceries in one sitting! But I love them so much–all the strange experiences are worth it! Two boys will be a challenge, but lots of fun. Good luck!
    DebbieLB recently posted..Vet shortage in mid-America


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