The birth part 2

Part 1 of the Birth Story can be found here. 

I slept fine Saturday night until about 5am where light contractions woke me up. I stayed in bed for about an hour & just let them do the thing, but by 6:30 they started getting stronger & I got up & walked around. Shawn woke around 7 & I told him what was going on, but because I didn’t think they’d amount to anything within the next few hours I decided we should still go to church. The next hour the contractions increased in strength & I did my best to rest in between each.

I texted my mom around 8 & told her what was going on. She said to just get up, get dress & come to church as planned. I got in the shower & while I was in the shower Shawn started getting the room together. He was incredibly anxious to blow up the pool but during contractions I loudly advised him to wait until we either left for church or until we got home. As strong as the contractions were I still didn’t want to get too excited about anything & expected them to stop soon. But after getting out of the shower & trying to get dressed there was another shift that happened & I said “Yeah, there’s no church today this shit is happening. Call Kerin.” Shawn started calling our midwife & I started trying to call my mom in between cleaning up the bathrooms & the rest of the house.

For the last month of my pregnancy I hit the “clean all things” period & every single day I was cleaning a bathroom, scrubbing a wall or vacuuming out a drawer. Cleaning was the only part of life at the time I felt I had any control over. Plus with having a homebirth I knew I would want & need to have the apartment in tip-top condition, not necessarily to impress anyone with my cleaning skills, but because I knew once I hit labor, the sock under the bed or pee stained bathroom floor would send me into a tizzy.

After I decided that labor was really happening that day I continued cleaning during contractions-which helped to distract from the contractions. I had not thought much of how to manage the pain until the last month & had been listening to a generic hypno-birthing CD. I don’t think it worked for me because I kept falling asleep while listening to it. BUT I will say when I would listen to it, I became so relaxed that I would sleep well. So if you are at the end of pregnancy try a hypno cd & a cup of chamomile tea at night, might help you sleep.

While I finished my cleaning & changed into my birth “uniform” Shawn started trying to fill the pool. I was starting to get really frustrated because just as I had been suspecting for the last few weeks we could not get the hose to work. One of my brothers ended up coming over & Shawn, brother, & a sister started filling the pool with buckets & the giant moving bins we used to get our stuff to LA. Luckily by the time our midwives arrived at about 9/10ish they had fixed the hose & the water was starting to fill up. Until we had to dump it because we had forgotten the liner!

When my midwives got there they checked me and I was ecstatic to know that I was 7 cm along! They got my IV started for some antibiotics {I was GBS positive} and I started working out the contractions.

I’ll admit that I didn’t do as great of a job handling the pain as I thought I would. Some contractions I would breathe or move or lay down, and some I just positively lost control & freaked out. But the most comfortable position for me to be in was either hanging on to my mom or hanging on to Shawn. 

I hardly ever like to be touched by anyone other than my children. But being in labor puts me in such a vulnerable state that all I want is lots of comfort & closeness from Shawn. A combination of swaying, laying, & hanging on to Shawn got me through until about 11:30 where I reached the point where all I wanted was for everything to just stop. I kept begging them to just make the contractions stop for just an hour or begging them to hurry everything up.

Part 3 & the first night at home Monday!

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2 Responses to “The birth part 2”

  1. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    You are so brave for being so open about your journey. Even the day of I was so surprised to see you sharing pictures.

    I admire that about you GREATLY!
    Jamie recently posted..Spending a Day at the LA Zoo with Tillamook Cheese!


  2. Alexis Grace
    Twitter: NorthOnHarper

    I think you are really brave to do a home birth. I am so nervous about the what-ifs, that I don’t think I could! That being said, I am still “planning” to labor at home as long as I can and do not want an epidural or other pain meds….

    Is it hard to tell when labor is for real vs. false?

    This may be a dumb question. Blame me for being a first timer!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Alberta Ferretti S/S 2013 Collection


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