A Gang of Deer


Every family has those stories that they love to dust off to get a laugh during the holidays or family reunions. With my family being as big as it is there is no shortage of embarrassing stories or family mysteries. One of my Dad’s favorite story to tell about me from when I was about 17 years old.

I’ve mentioned a few million times that I have a large family, 4 sisters & 3 brothers. Even though the boys are younger than I am I’m constantly terrorized, even now that 3 of us are adults. But that’s a brother for you. There is something about brothers where they think they are automatically entitled to anything and everything even if it isn’t theirs. I had one brother who ate all but 3 of our wedding cake samples from Duff Goldman. The box was clearly marked with “We will be sharing this for dessert DO NOT EAT.” but he ate it anyway & even told us which flavors to steer clear of.

But the family story in question is the time I thought my brothers robbed me.

We were living in Maryland and had been only for a few months. The part of Maryland we lived in was run over with deer. If you were up early enough in the morning you could see at least 20 of them running down the street. It was kind of magical. One early fall morning I made my way to beloved Honda Civic to head to work. When I got to my car I saw that my glove compartment had been rifled through and all of my change in my change compartment was gone.

I was so confused trying to figure out what was going on & who had gone in my car, when suddenly it hit. “The Boys!” I ran into the house & rounded up my brothers “Give me all my money back now!” granted it wasn’t a lot of money but it certainly came in handy when I spent my entire paycheck at the mall {ahhh. The good ole days} “We didn’t take your money we swear Alex.” I was perplexed. “You didn’t take it? Are you being honest?” the assured me they had. And that’s when it hit me. The boys hadn’t taken my money, the deer had*!

Yes. I had deduced that on the way down the hill that morning the deer had made a pit stop to grab my change. Why I thought this I have no idea, but I did. And I really believed it until I started telling my Dad over dinner. When everyone started laughing at me & asking how the deer would have opened the door I realized that I might be wrong. But stranger things have happened in the world, like Snooki having a baby. Anything is possible. 

The moral of this story? Deer don’t play**

*This story is entirely true. I honestly believed this.

**This is a hilarious video to back up my theory that deer don’t play, BUT the language is not safe for work & is a tad graphic.


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  1. Troy Scott says:

    The funniest part of this story is you left out is,you said they stole also Giulio Iglesias CDs


  2. Ashley
    Twitter: ashleyspain7

    hahahaha this is hilarious
    Ashley recently posted..Sunday Social: Thankful


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