Signs of Life-Month 2

And now with 2 months down I can look over at 3 sprawled out guys & not feel always crazed. I think the biggest thing we accomplished these past 4 weeks is successfully getting into a routine. We are not a routine family. We are fly by the seat of our pants, late dinners, followed by the occasional late morning wake up calls. With one child this is easier to do. But when you have two kids, one of whom has school 3 days a week you have no choice but to forcibly follow some sort of schedule. Once I decided we needed to I was surprised how easy it has been to maintain. Dinner at 6:15 & bed at 8 for Phoenix & start putting Caspian down as well. By 9/9:30 they are both out & we finally can have quiet time. The silence makes me want to hug the air.

Caspian has also settled into not being so incredibly drama filled. Did I mention in my last post that he didn’t let anyone hold him other than me? The moment anyone else put their hands on him he’d lose his mind. Slowly but surely he has grown out of this little habit & now will sit happily with Shawn while I get more sleep, clean or just look at the wall.

He still though is in the habit of not wanting to be put down. Phoenix wasn’t like this as a baby & was in fact pretty easy going. Caspian on the other hand never wants to be put down & if you put him down to say change his diaper you have to be this close to his face in order for him to not shriek uncontrollably. For the past week I’ve tried to put him down in his swing or on the floor during his “happy” time after he eats. I’m hoping that by my next update we can finally get some use out of that expensive baby gear! But he’s finally alive. Smiling, laughing, happy. He’s tactile & very social. And sweet so sweet. My favorite thing to do is to nuzzle his sweet smelling neck. 

Car seat. Any tips for not wanting to jump out of a moving car when your baby screams for an entire 45 minute car ride? Also how bad would I get hurt if I just rolled out like Steve Carrel did in Crazy, Stupid, Love? I’m thinking not a lot.

I still have minor freak outs when the house is in shambles & with a place as small as ours this is often, but I keep reminding myself that this time truly is so short. We have resorted to my Mom’s old favorite. Paper cups & plates. I’ve bucked this idea for a long time but I finally relented & feel so liberated! Paper cups for all!

Enjoy pictures of my beautiful kids & the mess left unattended because of them. This is what it looks like these days. Grin & Bear.




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6 Responses to “Signs of Life-Month 2”

  1. Alexis Grace
    Twitter: NorthOnHarper

    You have verbalized so many of my fears about being a mom! I actually am petrified of completely falling apart and having a baby who doesn’t sleep and a house I can’t keep clean….. but at the same time I am so excited for baby to get here. And yes, I plan to read a sleeping book for babies…
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Belly Update


  2. Holly @ Woman Tribune
    Twitter: WomanTribune

    Congratulations on getting into a routine! Hopefully you can keep up with it. I am so not a normal schedule type of person, so I’d be losing my mind right about the time I realize I need to stick to a schedule. Good luck!
    Holly @ Woman Tribune recently posted..Did You Vote Today? Get a Free Babeland Buzz Vibe


  3. Oh it’s so easy to say but do enjoy this lovely, messy time! It’s fleeting and then they’re tenenagers with attitude :-/ Beautiful pictures of beautiful kidlets!
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..Taming Christmas


  4. Trianna
    Twitter: thatstoocute

    Enjoy the babyhood! Time seems to fly and then they’re in first grade and then college
    You seem to be doing exceptionally well for a new mom of two who never had a schedule. Keep it up!
    Trianna recently posted..Samantha House Jewelry


  5. Modern Gypsy
    Twitter: Modern_Gypsy

    Oh they’re so adorable! Enjoy the babyhood while it lasts…they grow up so fast!! The cleaning and eating on proper cutlery can be done later, this time will never come back.


  6. Welcome to motherhood of 2+….you are doing great. Mess will be there tomorrow, but your boys will grow up way too fast so enjoy it….paper plates and all :)
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Muenster, Avocado & Canadian Bacon Panini


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