Top 10 Favorite Baby Products

1. Aden + Anais Blankets– I didn’t have these blankets with Phoenix but I should have because I love them. They are so soft that I want to sew 100 of them together to make my own. I prefer them over these over the SwaddleMe ones. I only bought one of those & Caspian has outgrown it already & I don’t see the point of continuing to size up on a 1 use blanket. The best baby products are the ones that can do double duty. I also bought the A&A security blanket for Caspian as well & this is equally as soft. I have both the Muslin & the Bamboo swaddles. Both are soft but the bamboo is ah-mazing.

2. MamaRoo by 4Moms– I knew I wanted this swing simply because of the cool design of it. I love the modern look, but I also love that portability. Admittedly Caspian didn’t like the swing at first-but he didn’t like anything. Now he loves it & I catch him batting at the toy balls above him every time he’s in it. I think the only downside to this swing though is the toy mobile. I wish that it would move on its own or they offered different toys. Maybe something with a mirror because Cas is quite the narcissist.

3. UppaBaby Vista– I love the look of a pram stroller, but they aren’t very practical so I knew I wanted something with a bassinet. Not able to convince my husband that I needed the Bugaboo Missoni I eventually fell in love with the Vista. We haven’t used the toddler seat yet, but the bassinet is comfortable enough to keep him sleep 4 plus hours at the mall & looks amazing. Every time I use it I have people coming up and asking me who makes my stroller. Also remember I said baby products that do double duty are always a win? The bassinet is the perfect “grocery cart” to get all the stuff from the car to the house.

4. The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program-I could write a hundred blog post about how much I love this book. My midwife told me about it at my 1 week PP checkup. She gave me the gist of the book-which is a baby has 90 minute cycle of awakeness. 90 minutes from waking up baby is ready to go back to sleep. I started practicing that the minute she left & it worked. I bought the book but it basically just reiterated that. Caspian has been on this program now since week 1 & at the 45/50 minute mark he is ready to be swaddled & bounced to sleep. Honestly if you don’t buy anything else I recommend, buy this. It will save your life. Caspian is an excellent sleeper during the day & I owe it all to this book. 

5. Puj Tub– We don’t have a lot of room in this tiny apartment so I love this tub. I can hang it on the back of the door in the bathroom or store it under the bed! I’m not sure though how much longer I will get out of it because Caspian already seems to be squished in it. I’m thinking of getting this to use in a few more weeks. 

6. Timi & Leslie Casey Messenger Diaper Bag– I bought this on Gilt a few weeks after having Caspian. It’s a cross-body bag that looks like a briefcase. I don’t carry a ton of stuff in my diaper bag. I learned early on with Phoenix that you don’t need that much stuff. This bag is big enough for MY essentials without being too big.  

7. Fisher Price Zen Bassinet– Again not a lot of space in our place so we actually do not have a crib. I needed a bassinet with the largest weight limit on it and after searching for the entire 9 months this one was the best & the least ugliest. It has the largest weight capacity I could find plus I loved the gliding motion.

8. Moby Wrap– I loved my Moby Wrap with Phoenix so I knew I’d be using that again this time around. I like using the Moby at home & for longish walks because it’s comfortable. Caspian sleeps in it very well (I can also take an awkward positioned nap while he’s in it too) & nursing in it is easy too.

9. Baby Bjorn Carrier- Also purchased from Gilt is my On-The-Go carrier. It’s a lot easier to put on than the Moby which is why I like it for being out. Caspian isn’t always the best when he has to be put down so I use this a lot like at the mall once he’s had enough of the stroller or for quick trips to the store. 

10. Baby Connect Activity Log App– I read about this app on another blog while I was pregnant & downloaded knowing that I would need it. It’s the perfect companion to the sleep training. Its hard to always stay on top of the clock or remember when he woke up or ate last so whenever I can’t remember what’s happened during the day I refer to my app. If I’ve noticed that for a few days Caspian has been especially cranky I check to see how many hours of sleep he’s gotten. Usually is at the lower end I start his sleep cycle earlier & that helps fixes it {usually} but none of this would be possible without this app. Best $4.99 & its available on both Android & the iPhone.


Do you have any favorite newborn/baby products that didn’t make the list?


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  1. The Funular says:

    Great list here! Some of these I am familiar with. But “Baby Connect Activity Log” I have never heard of. For $4.99 it is definitely worth checking out. Thanks for the comprehensive list. I really enjoyed your post!
    The Funular recently posted..LeapPad from LeapFrog Review


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  3. It’s amazing what a difference few years makes. Last time I was shopping for baby stuff was 5 years ago and I thought then they had some amazing stuff :)
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Cocoa Powder : Natural or Dutch-Process?


  4. Trina
    Twitter: GamingAngel

    Oooo great list! I have some A&A items (burp clothes and swaddle wraps). Waiting until I see the dream blanket on sale. ^_^ I also have the Moby Wrap and am really excited to use it. Glad to see it made your list since I’m excited to keep the baby close throughout the day.
    Trina recently posted..My first Stork Stack


  5. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    These are great items and definitely passing this on. That Bassinet is absolutely adorable!!
    Jamie recently posted..Featuring Heart & Soule!


  6. Ashley
    Twitter: ashleyspain7

    I want a moby wrap like crazy for this baby!! I have an upright carrier but I really just want the wrap for around the house and prek (keeping him away from the snotty hands) lol.
    Ashley recently posted..Time


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