Parenting is the easiest hard job there is


Recently I found myself talking to a newly expecting Dad & he was telling me how scared he was about the pending arrival of their new little bebe. I spoke of the importance of having a support system and that because this new Dad has an amazing family & friends to fall back on that there wasn’t anything to worry about. We all know it takes a village. But I also found myself wanting to say these words “Parenting is easy.”

Halt. Have you ever heard those words before? Especially from a woman who just wrote this post or is still getting up every 2 hours or has stepped on more tiny Transformers than one 4 year old boy should have? Probably not, but it’s actually true.

I am one of the biggest offenders of getting caught up in the minutiae of being a mom. I wrote back before there was a Caspian that I didn’t get caught up in a lot of the little things I often read about on other mommy blogs. My approach to parenting was laid back {and for the most part is still laid back}. I wasn’t hung up on doing things by the book; in fact I hardly read any parenting books. But then I had baby number two. And within an instant or more like 6 hours I became what I viewed to be a legit grown-up. Not just an accidental Momma as I viewed myself before. Now I am a legit “My husband and I are trying for baby” grown-up. I drink tea now which is just one bitter cup away from coffee; I spend weekends at Ikea or in Converse tennis shoes at kid friendly museums. And out the window my accidental Mommy-hood went, along my youth, and my ability to just be a “lazy but fair” Mom.

Parenting books I still don’t have time for but caught up in the mom-hysteria I am. This along with things like no sleep & just having two kids in general, probably leads me to feeling constantly behind the ball & overwhelmed. Thinking about the constant change of the parental environment is not an easy job. It causes me to forget to get down & play or to just simply not answer a question with an exaggerated & exhausted tone.

All we have to do is love them. Smile at them when they smile at us & remember the names to silly imaginary friends, or pack love notes that they can’t quite read yet in their lunch boxes. Parenting is about snuggling on the couch watching Buddy the Elf even when it’s not Christmas. It’s not about following every trend, buying in to every gimmick, or putting stock in contradicting studies.

When you get right down to it if you love with your whole being you are doing it right now matter what & that is an easy job.


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4 Responses to “Parenting is the easiest hard job there is”

  1. Mottaret
    Twitter: SkiMeribel

    Many people say that parenting one child is ‘easy’, it’s when you have two or three that it gets more difficult :) But seriously, when you take a step back and take the time to appreciate the children, that’s when it becomes easy.
    Mottaret recently chalet meribel


  2. Well said, Alex! It is for sure the toughest and also most rewarding job I ever had!
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie


  3. OneMommy says:

    You’re right — They don’t care if I get them to story time or not this week, or if my breakfast doesn’t look just perfect. They don’t care if the house is a wreck, or even if I get dressed that day. All they care is that I love them, and they know it.

    Beautiful post.


  4. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs out there; being responsible for another human being. Yea, when that times come from me, I’m going to be a nervous mess… but in the meantime, admire everyone else that is one
    Jamie recently posted..Guest Posting over at Kludgymom!


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