A retraction regarding breastfeeding

A little over a year ago there was a big stink being made in the mom community about a mom publicly nursing her baby at Target. I read all the stories during that time & wrote out my own opinion here on BTBW. But now I have to come to you my dear friends & retract by original post.  I’ve done this once before & still believe that one of the greatest things about the internet is being exposed to many varying opinions & arguments for something. There have been many times where I feel I feel one way on a subject & after reading other articles or post I’m swayed to the other side.

Well now I have changed my mind regarding public nursing. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me clutter my feed with nursing pictures of Caspian & I. And not just me sitting on my couch nursing, but me at the Drybar or the pumpkin patch nursing. Areola & all. When I was pregnant with Caspian I saw this funny commercial from Luvs Diapers & got where it was coming from but still felt that there was no reason a mom couldn’t cover up. Flash-forward to today & now I nurse whenever I need to & however I need to.

After Caspian was born I covered up at first but back when the space shuttle made its way through LA we took a trip down to see it. There we are outside with tons of people around & Caspian starts to cry. I get settled in an awkward seated position on the sidewalk & started trying to feed him. He kept pulling off, the nursing cover kept coming undone & finally I just pulled it off. I got Caspian latched properly & everything went smoothly. At his next feeding later that day I started doing the same thing, but again he wasn’t latching & I couldn’t see him. I nursed him open & exposed while a man in a black pickup truck stared. I’ll admit that I was little bit uncomfortable at first but slowly started warming up to it. I talked to Shawn about it & was surprised to hear he didn’t mind. And that’s when I made the decision to forgo the cover up.

Since I’ve decided to nurse in public & free of any cloth like obstruction I haven’t looked back. I proudly nurse my baby & dare anyone to say anything to me. My brothers find it uncomfortable to watch me nurse, but my brothers also where shirts with bikini clad women so I don’t see a difference. In public we have gotten our share of looks. Other nursing mothers have pointed me out to their husbands (?) & teenage girls have laughed. Yet, no one has been bold enough to say anything. The closest I have ever had to possibly considering a nurse in was at the doctor’s office. After an older man was called back for his appointment a nurse quickly ran back out offering me a sheet. I politely declined & went about my business.

My only concern when I’m nursing is if my stomach & or Spanx is showing because titty I’m sure people can handle, but stretch marks & a seal like skin covering my flab is what nightmares are made of.



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5 Responses to “A retraction regarding breastfeeding”

  1. You’re using your boobs for what they were designed for! Sorry some men and foolish women – boobs just weren’t made to look good in a bikini :-)
    I say feed your child and tell everyone to go soak their head!
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..Schmoose 2-9-2013


  2. Alexis Grace
    Twitter: NorthOnHarper

    You are cracking me up! I actually make sure to bring pumped milk if I am in public. I am just not comfortable to strip down and I don’t want it to be too challenging for the little girl. She is great with a bottle (because in the NICU I wasn’t able to every single feeding- the nurses did the 3am feeding for me, but with my milk- no formula) and it just relieves me from having to deal with it.

    BUT my opinions have also altered with being a mother. I was totally uncomfortable with women feeding exposed in public, but now I am much more of the mindset that everyone has to do what works for them. And I am glad you have found what works for you!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Jill Stuart Fall 2013 Collection


  3. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    Hey, men have been going shirtless for years. We are all aware of boobs, and babies need their milk.

    You’re taking care of your kid, that’s all that matters.
    Jamie recently posted..Book Review: Rally ‘Round the Corpse


  4. YUMMommy
    Twitter: yummommies

    I’ve nursed in public without a cover several times. Yes, you’ll get the stares, but we’re not doing anything wrong. I love that here in NC the government has stepped up and started backing breastfeeding.

    It gets hot underneath those nursing covers. And we have to do what we have to do. I tell anyone that if they don’t like they can look away. People don’t have to stare at us while we nurse. It’s there choice to look and if they choose to look they should keep their negative opinions to themselves!
    YUMMommy recently posted..Bible 365: Week 6


  5. Jenni Chiu @ MommyNaniBooboo
    Twitter: MommyNaniBooboo

    The same thing happened to me with my second. He just WILL NOT keep a cover up on. He needs to see everything… and me. I don’t blame him – I would hate eating dinner with a big ole’ tent over my face.
    Jenni Chiu @ MommyNaniBooboo recently posted..I Hate It When She’s Right.


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