Challenge Accepted & Completed!

They say that takes just 21 days to make a habit. Several times in my life I have taken on this type of challenge to make habits stick or to even break habits in my life. This time I took the 21-day Listerine Challenge with my little crew. Because of Phoenix’s scary encounter with the dentist & my biggest failure as a mother moment, he & I have been very diligent about taking care of our bodies. We are walking to school {some days} skipping the 4th Oreo and have completely swapped soda & juice for water. Eating vegetables is still a battle we are fighting, but he has made a lot of changes. Now when I ask him what kind of snack he wants he goes straight for fruit instead of cookies, chips or candy. Now our next big hurdle is getting the father to eat something other than peanut butter & honey.

Ever since our scary dentist appointment I have been a complete mouth general with Phoenix & everyone else. The 21 Day Challenge & the products that Listerine provided us was hugely helpful in getting to our goal of better oral health & habits. My job now & forever {read: Phoenix has no more cavities} is to brush his teeth. Each morning after a mad dash to get dressed for school, pack lunch & eat breakfast Phoenix & I head to the bathroom to get his teeth cleaned. And each night before the 900th cup of water & “When will you go to sleep?” questions we head back to the bathroom to brush our teeth & gurgle with the Listerine’s Smart Rinse which Phoenix loves.

After I have done the initial brushing I bring Phoenix in on it because I think it’s important for kids to take responsibility in their health & well-being. This may include things like picking out his own clothes for school, making his bed, cleaning up his spot at dinner & now brushing his teeth after I have done it. Phoenix has a Transformer electric toothbrush which he loves which makes brushing fun for him. He also has a Phineas & Ferb toothbrush that Listerine sent us that we keep at my family’s house so no matter where he is brushing can get done. 

The Listerine 21 Day Challenge is now complete for us but the journey to a cleaner & healthier mouth isn’t. If you haven’t signed up yet to get involved make sure to check out their Facebook page & take the challenge!

Disclosure: I received products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE 21-DAY CHALLENGE. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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