Signs of life month 5

Caspian is now 6 months, but I’m supposed to be writing these updates based on the month before right? I confuse myself every single month. But obviously I can’t write this on the month we are in now because that would sort of mean I can like see into the future and that would be weird or maybe kind of bitchin’. Maybe I could get my own show on TLC or something. Rabbit trail…

This month I feel like Caspian, the person emerged. Before he was just this little completely dependent baby, which obviously he still is, if he wasn’t that also would be really cool & maybe he could get a reality show too. Shoot the rabbit Alex. Shoot the rabbit! So Caspian is now a person. This little thing that yawns & laughs. He moves now with a purpose, cruising on two on all four or two legs across the living room. He’s got a voice that is playing “Dada” on repeat & instead of by happenstance picking a spot to concentrate on he now follows the voice, the yells & jumps of his older brother. 

Along with a newly stable & slightly sturdier Caspian comes a budding new friendship. Already Caspian has developed this amazing admiration for Phoenix that I adore. And Phoenix still has not let me down with his own admiration for his brother. Phoenix will wake up in the morning & whisper “Cas I missed you while you we’re sleep.” and I think to myself. ‘”Me too buddy. Me too.”

Caspian in typical baby fashion still isn’t sleeping through the night. In fact we aren’t even close. I’m still up every two-hours at night & he’s still eating at every single feeding. And please don’t say to start solids because I’m here to tell you that isn’t the answer. After having Phoenix wean at 8 months I am focused on getting Caspian to stay on the boob {as Phoenix would say} until 2. To help achieve this I delayed solids until just two weeks ago. And no, that is not getting him to sleep any longer. The only thing that has gotten easier {at night} is I have successfully moved his bedtime from 11 PM to now between 8 & 9 with a dream feed at 10:30. A few weeks ago I realized that I have no time by myself or time with my husband at night. I’d read Facebook statues & Tweets from other people settling into their evenings at 7:30 & I’m all “I still have 3 hours of this, at least!” I had to put a stop to it. And surprisingly it was pretty easy…now if I could only get him to fall asleep on his own.

I hate to type this out loud only to have the universe throw it back in my face but things are getting easier for me. Routines are being established & Caspian is becoming just a little bit independent. I’m still in need of sleep like no one’s business & haven’t had a night alone or even two hours alone with my husband in 6 months, but things just seem to be going in the right direction. A few months ago I wrote about how it gets better. I wrote that more in faith of hoping & believing those things would in fact get better. I couldn’t see it yet but I had faith. Well I can finally see it. I can finally see us being able to take a road trip without Caspian screaming the entire time {thanks to Elmo on the DVD player} I can finally see that thanks to the most amazing bottle I can maybe go & get my roots touched up without fearing my Mom will show up with a screaming baby for me to feed. I can finally see past the new baby fog.

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  1. Edward says:

    oh gash so cute and adorable baby <3
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  2. Awww, they are so adorable! Phoenix is such a good big brother.
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  3. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    OMG< look it that head of hair =) You've got some cuties over there Alex!
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