Tent poles

Childhood is so fleeting that sometimes you have to really make an effort to make tent poles in the lives of your children. One of the tent poles of my childhood is piling in my parents bedroom on Friday nights with Slurpees watching their favorite childhood shows, GoodTimes & 227. To this day whenever I see those shows on the TWC guide I always smile & think back to those moments. Them in their bed us 5, 6 or 7, or 8 however many it was that year eating Funyuns, White Cheddar popcorn & sipping Slurpees.

This weekend at the last minute, no doubt, I wanted to make a tent poles for our boys. Since it was St. Patrick Day weekend & Shawn is half Irish which makes my boys 25% Irish I wanted to do something special {however, I would have done this even if it wasn’t a heritage thing} so at 9 PM Saturday I poured over Pinterest looking for quick & easy St. Paddy day ideas.

We settled on a makeshift Leprechaun trap which was a vintage birdcage filled with Lucky Charms & after the boys we’re tucked safely in our bed Shawn & I went around sprinkling cereal on floors, writing notes & stamping the house with green footprints. We were tired, it was 11 on a Saturday and we had church the next day. But having Phoenix jump out of the bed looking for a trapped Leprechaun the next morning was worth it.

Later on in the day when I should and could have taken a much needed & dare I say deserved nap I was elbow deep in cake mix & powdered sugar trying to make this Leprechaun trap cake. Did it turn out well? Not really. But that wasn’t the point. The point of the cake was to make Phoenix smile & Caspian loose his natural mind as I let him taste it {don’t tell the organic moms}.

Somewhere in the last few months I have been obsessed with making these tent poles, memories. When I’m 60 sitting at the head of some ginormous wood dining room table listening to all the noise that children, spouses, grandchildren, and pets make I want to hear my kids talk about that time Mom colored the toilet water or Dad played Ugaaman while Mom took a bath or cooked dinner. 

Those kind of things are what childhood is all about.


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4 Responses to “Tent poles”

  1. Erin
    Twitter: HorsingAroundLA

    Memories like this are priceless! Your boys will have so many special memories to share with their kids someday. Love all your brilliant ideas!!
    Erin recently posted..City Target in Beverly Hills: Now Open!!


  2. Absolutely…. life goes faster & faster older you get so making memories like these is priceless. Your boys are so lucky to have mom like you :)
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Spaghetti with Meat Sauce & Italian Meatballs


  3. Trianna
    Twitter: thatstoocute

    Love this. I hope that I make memories everyday, but these that you did were extra special.

    We deck out the table and get all kinds of hats, decorations and bright sparkly things.
    Trianna recently posted..Insight or In-Sight


  4. Test
    Twitter: alexcampbell11

    YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!……so much sooner then I did, now it will all make sense…I love you❤❤❤❤


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