A little bit of housekeeping

How do you like the new digs? A new blog design has been so so so so long coming. My last one, let us just be honest was really bad. I hated looking at every time I would log on. I also hated the weird way it would format the post & pictures. It was all kinds of bad & annoying. But thanks to the talented Sarah at One Starry Night I have gotten a much needed overhaul. Besides the new look the other new addition is the Best Of page. If you are a new reader or sporadic reader this might be a good place for you to check out.

The reasons things have been so quiet lately have been major acts of God. First was me getting sick. I thought I might have had a breast infection a few weeks ago. I had a fever, chills, & extreme body aches but after piling on 10 covers one night I woke up feeling really good, unfortunately because I was really looking forward to having Shawn take over for the day & lay in bed. But Mother’s Day is around the corner…


After getting over that, last Sunday morning my 20 year old brother had a motorcycle accident on his way to lifeguard training. He broke some fingers & got a huge gash in his knee that required surgery for both and we are hoping that he will regain full use of his hand. It has been a really tough week because yes, he survived but none of us could stop thinking about how he almost didn’t. He was hit by a cab & went flying in the air. The thing that shook me the most was hearing him say that as he was being hit he said to himself “this is it.” I couldn’t stop thinking about how scared he must have been & how he was all alone. We are incredibly, incredibly grateful that he is alive & instead of going to appointments at a funeral home we have the honor of being able to take him to the doctors. And to top the week off on Thursday a teenager brought a gun to my sister’s high school & the school was on lockdown for 5 hours. Luckily she wasn’t there, but OMG close calls for us all around. 

That was Sunday; on Tuesday Shawn & I had a really busy day dealing with business stuff when we noticed a bad rash spreading all across Caspian’s neck & head. The night before he kept waking up scratching at his head but I didn’t put two & two together until late in the afternoon when we were in the sunlight and I noticed he was digging in to his skin. Luckily we only spent an hour in urgent care, but because he was so uncomfortable he had trouble sleeping for the next couple of nights.

Throw in regular everyday stress (but up the pressure) and you have my last few weeks. Things have been just incredibly emotional & a couple of “Why Me’s”. But you know what they say. If Britney Spears can survive 2007 I can survive anything. 





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3 Responses to “A little bit of housekeeping”

  1. So glad your brother is ok! Everything always seems to happen at once doesn’t it?
    Your new blog design is awesome. Here’s to a happy, smooth runnin’ day!
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..Five Ways To Positively Lose Weight


  2. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    Love the new look =)

    I know a lots going on with you right now but thinking of you!
    Jamie recently posted..Del Taco is Handing Out FREE Items on Wednesdays!


  3. Trianna
    Twitter: thatstoocute

    I’m happy that your brother is safe. You sound stressed out girl! Did you ever find out what exactly was wrong with Caspian?
    Major things usually happen in 3’s….so if you look at your post, that already happened. That’s the bright side! Now you just have the everyday drama to deal with.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you anyway. I know you must be feeling crazy frazzled. Love the new look by the way.
    Trianna recently posted..DIY: Brown Sugar Scrub


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