Are Parents Entitled?

We fill your feeds with adorable photos of our children in costumes, under trees & colored lights, with food smeared across their faces, in pools, at beaches, & first day of school. Our status updates no longer tell you how excited we are for the weekend to get wasted {although mine never read that way} now we regale you with short tales on who went poo poo on the potty, how long they slept that night, and when they took their first steps. We’ve overshared so much that now there is an entire website dedicated to blast us for our in your faceness. But have some of us taken this parenting thing too far?

Just yesterday in one of my local Facebook mom groups an article was shared about a restaurant banning anyone under the age of 18. Immediately moms were upset, but I took the opposite approach. I shared that I thought it was a great idea to not allow children at this restaurant. For starters the restaurant is a sushi & sake bar so I can’t really imagine that many 5 year olds would enjoy that. And secondly if you have children you know how difficult it can be to take your kids out to eat and when you do get the chance to leave them at home & take a much needed date night you don’t want the distraction of other kids.

And following on the same kids in restaurant themes I was reading at GOMI {I admit I am a blogger that regularly reads there} and was alerted to “10 Tips For a Good Tip When I Take My Kids Out to Eat”. A lot of the comments were really put off by the list. I wasn’t offended by the list. But I do think differently. I think that I should tip the waiter extra just for having to clean up the mess left by my kids & not necessarily for bringing extra napkins. I don’t think that a waiter should have to constantly have me on their radar & if they don’t want to say hi to my kids so be it, their loss because my kid can say hi in Japanese & my other kid? Well he’s got two dimples. 

bratty parents

This all lead me to one simple thought. Are today’s parents entitled? I know that we get accused of having children & getting out of touch with the world, but sometimes I also think that we feel we should get extra special treatment just because we decided to procreate. Yes, it is very helpful to me & my husband & my boys when people in public recognize that things will take a little bit longer for us, or be messier or be louder in our area & help make allowances for that but I certainly don’t expect it & would not be put off by anyone if we didn’t get any special treatment. We are constantly making excuses for bad behavior or lack of social decency. We all think that our children are wonderful proteges and a few are, but not everyone thinks that. Surprise! Some people don’t like kids & don’t enjoy seeing our adorable pig tailed cutie kicking the back of their seat.

With both of these examples I just have a bad flavor in my mouth. I think that as parents we have to remember we are adults first & foremost.  Not everyone wants to sit & have a business meeting or a date next to our table as we are constantly shouting at our children to not pour the salt out, watch out for the drinks, eat their food, sit down, and stop picking their noses. Yes, kids will be kids and no I’m not saying we should be expected to have little robots sitting at the table or in church or at the movies, ect. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Are Parents Entitled?”

  1. Jamie
    Twitter: jamiegall1930

    Entitlement or not. Parents or not.

    I think, we, as people, need to expand ourselves outside our little worlds we circulate ourselves in and see what’s happening outside of those circles.

    I’ve seen a lot of general comments lately, in groups, related to art, restaurants, and more, and the opinions just get shouted out from the rooftop.

    I’m just really beginning to understand that there’s a different perspective and approach to everything that happens in life. We need to respect those choices and not condemn them. =)
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  2. Alexis Grace
    Twitter: NorthOnHarper

    YES… parents are completely and disgustingly entitled. There. I said it. And I am so glad that I have a kid and can actually say it.

    The world is not all about our precious kids (and my daughter? I could argue she tops the precious/adorable/cute chart…. right up there with your kids Alex!). And frankly I think this is a lesson that is worth learning for both the parents and the kids.

    Its okay for some places to be adults only. Its also okay to have an event and not include kids. For instance, my wedding reception was held around a swimming pool, a short distance from a pond and a river. There was a lot of alcohol to be served. The event started at 8pm and went well into the night. We (my parents who hosted, my husband and I) did not want children there. Not because I don’t love kids, but because it wasn’t a kid friendly event. Of course, some people were offended. But we stuck to our guns. We kept the guest list 14 years and up (even if you were driving from NY or flying in from Germany). And guess what? We had a great time. In fact everyone had a great time. And yes…. someone still fell in the pool…..
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Putting The Care Into Skincare


  3. I agree. And I think it’s common sense that some restaurants are “kid friendly” and some aren’t.
    That said – I also think most people seem to be lacking in common sense
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..6 Things I Need To Stop Doing


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