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When I was pregnant with Phoenix I knew almost from the moment of conception he would be a boy. And somehow I saw ahead to name him Phoenix & with a blend of bi-racial parents with dark hair he got red tresses. Very shortly after he started moving in my belly I knew he would not be easily tamed. I saw a future full of couch dives, near death experiences & broken bones. Starting very early on Phoenix began to prove me correct & even to this day when I hear the window break or after listening to him tell me how he saved his own life after being nearly run over I think “damn I called it.”

I like to think that this early knowledge or parenting sixth sense I developed has helped me parent Phoenix maybe a little better. When Caspian was forming I tried just from his movements to pick up on what personality straw we had drawn with him, but he was not easily decipherable, which when I think about it makes perfect sense.

Caspian is 10 months old today & I feel a little blue that his infant days literally flew by me like a maniac on a motorcycle. BUT I also have found myself really looking forward to a lot of things that come with toddlerhood, things like discipline. Is that wrong that I am most looking forward to being able to institute timeouts & such with my not quite a toddler baby?

I haven’t been able to get a handle on what kind of child Caspian will be until now. And it’s not as if the personality traits are sitting on the surface waiting to bubble over they are already here. So what kind of child will he be? He’s going to be loud, impatient, aggressive, & bold. Obviously if I’m writing about how I am looking forward to timeouts we aren’t talking about his good attributes. Yes they are there & in abundance, but let’s focus on the bad or the exhausting for the sake of this post.

He is the sweetest loveliest thing I’ve encountered in a lifetime, but he wobbles around like a little old lady barking & screeching at anyone who dares step in his way. When he’s screaming at me because we won’t give him whatever processed junk food we are eating or shaking at the baby gate so hard you instantly take cover because you think it’s an earthquake, I’m left feeling like “What in the what will we do with you”. He’s a whole entire package of adorable dimpled aggression, but God bless those who get in his way.  I asked Shawn the other day who he thought he favored personality wise. And he says

“You. He’s you.”

“Really? You think?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve always said a man with your fire is a deadly combination.”

It’s as if he has decided to reach the terrible-two’s 14 months than he should. This doesn’t entirely surprise me because he’s walking already & at last count we are up to 6 words. But nevertheless I am unsure how to handle & harness such power. When Phoenix is getting in trouble its never for bad behavior. It isn’t because he just hit someone or threw a huge fit. It is usually because he’s thisclose to death, stitches or broken limps. But Caspian. Oh Caspian. He is going to be that kid who I am constantly saying “Change your attitude. Change your tone. Stop yelling at me” a tune that sounds vaguely reminiscent of my own childhood. 


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