Where did the time go?

I don’t know I often I say to myself or out loud “Where did the time go?” at 10:45 AM when I’ve farted around watching The View & reading GOMI or 3:30 PM when I should be folding laundry but I’m still cleaning up from the morning. At 7 PM when I realize someone has to eat dinner, get a bath, go to bed. “Where did the time go? …. How is it x o ‘clock already?”

That is how I feel tonight.

I’ve expressed before how much I feel like I live above my life at times. So vivid are the days I sat doing my Church History homework with my ear pressed to the speakers of my stereo listening to my favorite forbid secular station. Right in the front of memories are me stalling in my Dad’s Saab in the middle of Virginia Beach Blvd or getting in trouble for inviting boys to church {also called evangelism or missionary dating}. Packing away my things to go to Bible school & then packing them up again to go home. I feel like just yesterday I was 12, or 15, or 17 or 19. Not a 25 year old. Not a wife for 5 years & a partner for 7. Not a mother of two.

I thought with the birth of Caspian that automatically took Shawn & I from “playing house” to legit grownups, legit for real, not just “oops the condom broke” parents. But like for real ones who do family planning kind of things.

But now with Kindergarten greeting us in the morning…now we really are parents. We sign up for PTA, room mother, & field trip parent. I bought school supplies…while I still remember unwrapping my own.

Right there.

Right in the front of memory are all of these things. Prom, Graduation, first kiss, first car, concerts, & crushes. And now I’m pushing those memories out to make room for other peoples first.

I won’t tell a lie. I feel a little sad & I know I am going to be emotional tomorrow. We are entering a completely different phase of life, of parenting & it’s weird & kind of sad. He’s a grown up kid now. A grown up boy.

And where did the time go?


I cried bucket of tears, so much so that I kept my sunglasses on despite the heavy fog. I also forgot to pack a first day note in his lunch box so I feel like shit. In other news? He kissed me goodbye and skipped into class while I looked like a major dummy.

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  1. Heather says:

    HI there! Found you over at MBC. New follower here!

    Love the pics! They do grow up so fast. I have one going into Kindergarten and one going into preschool on Monday and I’m shook up about it. I hope it goes well.
    Heather recently posted..5 On Friday


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