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Writing an About Me section or biography is like going to the gynecologist. It’s not really awesome having to put your legs in stirrups and get all spread eagle for a stranger but you have to do it. You spend a lot of time prepping for your appointment like getting all clean down there and making sure that your toes look good. And while you’ve got your best end sunny side up you brace yourself for cold metal by making awkward small talk about the weather or your summer vacation or that weird bump on the underside of your breast. 

And just like your prep before the doctor I also prepped for this. In preparation for re-writing about myself I researched some of my favorite sites, searched for a cute picture to use, and spent weeks writing & writing. Reading this may feel so awkwardly like a pap smear appointment that you may just look down at yourself to see if you are all exposed & as long as your home alone it’ll be ok if you do happen to be all exposed, but if you’re like at work or Starbucks or worst yet reading this on your phone while watching your kids at the park, things might just get really, really bad for you. 

Are you significantly freaked out yet? Are you still reading? If you are I guess I’ll go ahead and actually tell you about myself. 

babyboy1 circle

 I’m Alex & what you just witnessed above is a good example of the random head scratchingness you might find here. The most important piece of information that I can put into my About Me section is I find myself to be wildly entertaining and probably one of the funniest people around. I have been blogging for almost 5 years now & in that time my blog has tried to fill {almost} every blogging niche out there. Currently it’s still in its early is Bruce Jenner a man or woman stage. Maybe this is a mom blog, maybe it’s a humor blog. Other times it may just appear to be a blog about the latest happening in the technology community, but I highly doubt that. My tone is sarcastic most of the always time. And you probably shouldn’t take anything I say seriously unless of course I am telling you that Kourtney Kardashian & I should be best friends, because obviously THAT is not a lie. 

 I am a mother to almost 3. Phoenix is 5 1/2 going on 15. Caspian 18 months and is a little baby terror. And the little surprise that will be showing himself sometime in early May. I am wife to Shawn, who moved us to LA about 3 years ago to continue to stay out late working as an A&R. Together we form a rambunctious, not entirely cohesive bunch that enjoys SVU marathons & Oreos. 

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 For a glance at some of my favorite and best post you can click Best Of in the navigation bar.

 I hope you enjoyed this just as much as I did.

 ::walks away and pulls latex gloves off::